Good service and professionalism is what you have come to expect from CostaSpine, your wellness centre in Marbella. CostaSpine sees a wide variety of patients and supports local sport events. CostaSpine runs tailored programmes for “Sport”, “Paediatric” and most recently for “Over 45´s” We try to increase muscular strength and improve posture to lessen the risk of pain and injury.

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Over 45s

Now what is it with the over 45’s? This complex and varied sub-category presents with its own characteristics. Athletes go from elite to weekend warriors, many hang up their boots and start to feel the impact of wear and tear. Spinal disc injuries become less common whereas presentations of overuse injuries, joint stiffness, balance issues and the effect of illnesses, stress or medication are a more common place. Many maintain great fitness but show a tendency to muscle strains and find they need longer to recover between activities. The morphology of our muscles, ligaments and bones changes as we get older. The communication from certain nerve receptors becomes naturally less effective and especially after sprains or joint replacement surgeries. Joints can become overloaded by poor muscular strength or posture and cause pain.

When you visit CostaSpine, we will fully focus on you and your unique situation and aim to improve your health and well-being to a higher level. We have recently recruited Angelika, and her special interest is in the treatment of mature patients and is an excellent and compassionate practitioner. She is also qualified as a UK Hypopressives Level 1 trainer and as advanced massage therapist.

CostaSpine has now tailored a professional regime targeting for the over 45´s. Check it out.

What is good about being in the over 45´s group

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