Dr. Kahn provided striking new findings related to the power of exercise for health domains, such as brain function, cancer prevention, and depression. Kahn showed data supporting the view that inactivity/low fitness causes more deaths than smokadiabesity! “At epidemic proportions, smoking, diabetes and obesity are major public health concern. Yet low physical fitness kills more people than all these in combination”

Weight resistance training and the benefits thereof have been extensively researched on osteoporotic patients in increasing their bone density. Furthermore a day without activity is equivalent to smoking three cigarettes.

Dr. Sallis, a model of fitness, writes with passion and verve, “The importance of physical activity to health and wellness has been established incontrovertibly. There is a linear relationship between physical activity and health. Those who maintain an active and fit way of life live longer, healthier lives.”

He further discusses how sedentary, unfit behaviours “predictably” develop chronic diseases prematurely and die at a younger age.

So, how much physical activity should I be doing per day?

So what are you doing still sitting there 🙂

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