Golfers can improve their swing, avoid injuries and drop their score with Chiropractic care. PGA golfers such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jack Nicklaus and Rickie Fowler among others, have been using regular Chiropractic care for years in preparation for their games and tournaments, furthermore to keep their bodies free from injuries. In fact, 72% of pro-golfers utilize Chiropractic care on tour, and Chiropractors have been part of the official PGA Sports Medicine Team for decades.  Did you know that Chiropractic and Golf go hand in hand?

Now, research has confirmed what most pro-golfers already knew: regular Chiropractic care can indeed improve your golf swing and, as a result, lead to improved overall performance of your play.

A study performed by sport medicine physicians in Brazil, examined two groups of golfers: one group performed daily stretches and warm-ups, the other group received Chiropractic care in addition to these stretches and warm-ups. After four weeks, the group who received Chiropractic care increased their drive distance by 5-10 meters, whereas the stretching and warm-up group made little improvements. Chiropractors have extensive training in improving the biomechanics of human movement. It is important to maintain movement in your spine so you are able to bend properly and make the movements necessary to have the perfect swing on the course.


76-80% of all injuries that occur on the tour are to the lower back. And another 20-25% of injuries affect the neck, shoulders, elbows and hips. THIS IS WHY:

BACK: A golf swing requires the spine to rotate, bend laterally and extend. Golfers do this twisting, rapid and repetitive, motion at around 130-160kph/80-99mph, repeated over a 100 times in one round, which places a lot of strain on the body.

SHOULDER: Repeatedly raising your arms during the upswing can pinch sensitive shoulder tendons. Unchecked small irritations can transition to more significant tears over time

ELBOW: Firmly gripping a club places stress on the bony bumps on your forearm, where the wrist muscles attatch to your elbow. Pain on these bumps are called “golfers elbow” and “tennis elbow”, golfers can suffer from either…or both

KNEE: The act of swinging places tremendous torque on your knees, this stress can damage ligaments and irritate cartilage. It is important to keep this joint moving freely and without restrictions, allowing you to reach full range of movement

We love golf, it is an absolutely amazing sport, but we do have to acknowledge that injuries are very frequent in this sport, this is because the core of this sport, the swing, is a repetitive twisting at around 130-160 kms/hour. This repetitive twisting of the spine is repeated numerous times over a round of golf, often resulting in back/hip pain.Imagine going to the gym and working only one side of your body everyday for years and neglecting the opposite side. Golf tends to create this same type of imbalance in the body, setting golfers up for injury.

For a proper swing you need unrestricted joint motion in the spine and pelvis, optimal hip mobility, and less upper body tension!

If you’re hoping to improve your rounds of golf but not seeing a chiropractor for regular care, you’re missing out on a key advantage to your game! Need a Chiropractor in Marbella? At CostaSpine, we specialise in a gentle, hands-on, low force adjusting and soft tissue work to improve mobility. As well as personalised stretching programs and massage.

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