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KG FITNESS owner, Kristen has a strong sporting background (hockey and athletics- National colours for 100m sprints in 2008). She obtained her Public Relations Qualification after high school but had massive interest in the fitness industry so studied Personal Training through NASM afterwards. She is devoted to having a well- balanced lifestyle using nutrition and exercise, and has a passion to share her skills and expertise with as many individuals as possible.

She has taken part in various Corporate Wellness Days sharing her expertise and offering her services to these employees. She also ran her own Bootcamp classes and Personalised Training sessions, along with being the head of the Fitness Department at a well- known medical centre in South Africa.

Kristen has developed a love for implementing and guiding individuals to a healthier, happier lifestyle. In doing this she has created a following and a desire in many people to achieve this goal. She not only advises people, but is an example to them, of HOW and WHY it is so important to have balance in one’s lifestyle.

Services Offered

Online Personal Training

Our Fitness Specialist has a passion for working with people of all shapes and sizes and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

We would like to share our knowledge with as many people as possible, with regards to lifestyles, common trends and goals. We are an online fitness business which means anyone can contact us for Exercise programs and Eating guidelines.

We assist clients with a clear understanding of the value of healthy food and nutrition, with the help of our well-balanced eating plans. We integrate this with a diverse exercise routine to ensure that you are meeting your daily exercise requirements without over training, as well as acquiring the correct training for your physique goals. Our training programs are devised to improve core strength, and to incorporate functional and high intensity interval training (HIIT), that are most successful at fat loss, muscle formation and overall body strength and tone.

Our main focus is on creating a better standard of living for people. Our concern for people today, are the issues of not being active enough and eating the wrong things. We are not about ‘fad diets’, but rather well- balanced eating plans and guidelines along with an exercise program that will promote the attendance of exercise training.

Balanced Lifestyle Advisor

A healthy balanced lifestyle is difficult to attain alone nowadays. We all have busy schedules, children, full- time jobs, travelling and maybe a lack of motivation, but this should not hold you back from looking after your mind, body and health.

With our balanced- lifestyle advisor you can receive advice and strategies on how to live a healthier lifestyle. We are constantly researching and learning new techniques and methods on how to implement health into our daily routines. It’s a complete mind shift and sometimes it is difficult to complete on your own. We are here to assist and guide you with the fundamentals so that you can implement them and pass on your knowledge to others. We will provide you with a clear understanding of the general value of healthy food and nutrition along with promoting corrective exercise and physical activity.

Our passion is to mentor you to become aware of the benefits and rewards that a healthy lifestyle will give you. We believe that balance is the keys to great health and we want to be a part of your journey.

HIIT Personal Training

Kristen provides personal training sessions and group training to get your body into the shape it should be. These sessions are not limited to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is great for fat-loss and cardiovascular strength, but she also incorporates functional and body weighted exercises to increase your core strength, balance and overall muscle tone and conditioning. Flexibility will be an advantage to those that already possess it, otherwise it will assist you in obtaining increased flexibility in your inactive and active muscles. Remember to stay hydrated and bring a sweat towel along.

Not only will you walk out feeling like you have really worked out and got your sweat on, but you will be releasing your rejuvenated and happy endorphins to carry you through the rest of the week.

That’s why Kristen has chosen combination training, it targets your body’s overall fitness, strength, flexibility and limits- and in doing so you will be achieving physique goals you didn’t even know you desired, on top of your existing goals. This training goes beyond the boundaries of the typical weight training or cardio workouts that we are all familiar with- we are taking it back to basics and advancing from there with the correct guidance and motivation pushing you through.

Fitness assessment

A fitness assessment includes a preparticipation health screening, resting physiologic measurements (heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight) and various other measurements to determine a person’s health and wellbeing.

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