Evidence is mounting that childhood health and lifestyle may have an impact on health and quality of life in later years, which means Chiropractic care for children cannot be ignored.

The largest growth of our skeletal and nervous system occurs in the first few years of life, making this a crucial period to optimize your baby’s development.

A difficult pregnancy or a complicated birth process can affect the baby’s development and wellbeing, which can lead them to become distressed, irritable, develop sleeping problems, breastfeeding issues and muscular tensions.

How can Chiropractic care help?

Five common signs that your baby needs to see a Chiropractor
1.      Difficulty breastfeeding

If your baby seems uncomfortable during latching or cannot maintain it, it is likely they are struggling to feed. Treatment can improve the baby’s ability to latch and their comfort during feeding.

2.      Constipation

Chiropractors can alleviate any interference there might be in the baby’s nervous system, creating better gut mobility.

3.      Head tilting and shape Irregularity

This can be caused by restrictions in your babies’ neck, not allowing them to rotate the head. A gentle neck mobilisation, along with strategic home exercises can fix the problem.

4.      Arching of the back

Healthy babies are naturally in a flexed body position to allow them get close to their mothers. A very rigid spine or a tendency to extend their back is a good indicator that they are experiencing tension.

5.      Colic [Excessive crying]

Gentle chiropractic care can reduce pain, eliminate spinal tensions and calm their nervous system.


While children’s bodies are still growing, let’s not forget how they are affected by bad postures, using tablets, consoles, heavy backpacks, and sitting on desks or sofas for long periods of time.

Avoiding these behaviours as much as possible is always the best option, and at CostaSpine we can help reduce any problems caused by this.

What about mums?

Pregnancy is all about space

A healthy and painless pregnancy is all about creating space for your baby. During the pregnancy the pelvic bones (in which the uterus lies) have the ability to stretch and open more easily for the birthing process. A balanced, aligned and mobile pelvis is essential for the formation of the perfect environment for the baby.

When there is a dysfunction, back pain, sciatica or heartburn can occur creating difficulties during the birthing process.

Ensuring that the mother’s spine and nervous system can work to its very best will allow the baby to get into the best in-utero position.

Treatment is aimed at encouraging an easier pregnancy and delivery for both you and your baby.

At CostaSpine we will be happy to help you along your new journey!

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