With Marbella having warm temperatures all year round, hours of sunshine, and a variety of mountain and sea views, this region is a hugely popular choice for golfers from all over the world. With this very popular sport we find a lot of patients with back pain that golf swings may cause. Find out below why seeing a Chiropractor is essential to the game!

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There is nothing like a great day out on the golf course. Golf is already a challenging sport with many factors working against you to make it difficult. One thing that can quickly turn a good round bad is when your back decides that it has had enough.

Both weekend warriors and professional golfers will at some point in their playing careers experience a degree of back pain. There have been many pro golfers who have had to undergo surgery to remedy the chronic back pain. However, chiropractic care could help golfers with their back and golf game without the negative side effects of pain medication or surgery.

The golf swings may cause a lot of torque on the spine. Studies found that this force can be at least eight times your body weight. Due to the biomechanics involved in the unnatural golf swing, many non golf related injuries can be brought with you to the golf course. While the game is not inherently bad for your spine, pre-existing injuries may be worsened or they can suddenly flare up. Being a low impact sport, it still comes with loads of risks for injuries.

A good idea would be to spend a few minutes before your tee time stretching and warming up those cold muscles and get some blood flowing. This will make your swing more fluid and controlled while you’ll notice that your muscles and spine aren’t as sore the next morning.

Chiropractic care allows the whole body to perform optimally. Swinging a golf club takes a lot of coordination between several body parts. Your neck, back, hips, ankles and feet are all involved in the golf swing. Therefore, if one area of your body or one muscle is not able to perform at its optimal level, it can cause other parts of your body to overcompensate, which leads to pain. So, if anything goes wrong with the spine, many parts of your body will also get affected.

Regular chiropractic treatment and care can keep the spine from becoming misaligned from golf swings. Chiropractors use techniques, such as adjustments, active release technique, movement and range of motion screening to check that your body is moving well as a whole.

With a properly functioning spine, you can lower your risk of developing “extra tension” in your back. This, in turn, helps prevent injuries that your golf swings may cause when playing in Marbella.

Tiger Woods is one of and if not the best golfers ever. Even with his natural high level of skill and ability he relies on chiropractic care to keep him on the golf course. With over 80 percent of golf related injuries being the back, it is most likely due to the repetitive nature of golf.

Whether you are a weekend golfer or a pro consider yourself a pro, regular wellness therapy that will help you on the course. Regular treatment will prevent pain during your rounds and keep you on the course for many years to come, please get in touch with CostaSpine so we can help.

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