Hypopressives is a fun way of working and improving your core, pelvic floor and posture, want to know more?

During our one-to-one training you will learn how breathing and postural techniques can create positive changes in your core, pelvic floor and posture. This is based on the techniques of UK Hypopressives. The training is particularly popular with females that want to improve pelvic floor and core strength to assist their activities (walking, running, jumping, kicking, lifting, ect.), as well as for women who found that pelvic floor exercises alone did not address their issues either post birth or later in life.

Our very own Chiropractor, Angelika Durrant, is a trainer for Hypopressives and registered with UK Hypopressives and the Global Hypopressives Alliance. Angelika practiced Taekwon-Do in the UK on a competitive level when she became aware that pelvic floor issues are common amongst female athletes. A scientific review found that Urinary incontinence (UI) is a prevalent condition in mostly women whether they exercise professionally or not. The most common symptom is stress UI (SUI) a simple description of SUI is when urine leaks out during any activity that increases abdominal pressure. It is reported in a large variety of sports and may interfere with everyday life or training, leading athletes to change or compromise their performance or risk compromising it.

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This way to stronger pelvic floor musculature and core strength! Learn and enjoy this exercise technique first hand with a trainer in a one to one session. We recommend 2 – 4 sessions over 12 weeks to learn and apply the right technique. Or if you are already practicing Hypopressives, use this appointment as a one to one master class.

Once booked, sit back and think: Yippieh! It’s the Hypopressives one to one! Come in your gym clothes or something casual as we will be on the exercise mat.

Appointment details: One to one training (up to 1 hour) Only 100€


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