We all love our padel here on La Costa del Sol and we can definitely play for hours! Starting a new sport suddenly can bring on some aches & pains in different areas of the body that we didn’t even know existed. “But why? Exercise is good for you, isn’t it?

Let us help you understand what might be going on in your individual case: Padel is a one side dominant sport, meaning we repeat one key movement the majority of the time that we play. When we are beginners, we tend to make some pretty awkward movements with our shoulder, which in turn irritates the tendon. It is important that we keep that irritation under control to avoid further injury that will keep you from playing.

Maybe it’s your elbow/wrist? If it is your elbow or wrist that is suffering the most, then you’re dealing with a past lesion that hasn’t healed very well, leading to weak forearm muscles. This means that with every ball impact your elbow and wrist bones are unprotected. We need to detect the specific structure that is weak and find where it is coming from and then give you tailored exercises.

When we are focused so much in the game, the least of our concerns is the twisting that’s going on through our lower back and hips. If our back is not optimally healthy and mobile, it will not properly absorb all the impact and twisting movements. We need to make sure your spine is well adjusted so it can keep up with the demand of the sport. Pain is the way our body communicates with us when something is not quite right. Listen to your body! But most importantly, when pain free… you’ll smash your opponent out of the court!

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