It’s ‘back to school’ time, and we know how stressful the preparation can be for parents. That’s why the CostaSpine team want to give you the answer to one of the most common questions you ask us, this time of year:

How do I deal with an overloaded schoolbag?

Most days our kids tend to walk to and from school carrying immense amounts of kilos on their backs, whilst their bodies are constantly changing, growing and trying to adapt to the lifestyle that comes with education. This means the bag they carry on their backs is going to have a huge impact on their gait, posture and growth development.

Our advice? Don’t prioritize fashion over function.

Rule #1

Control weight and size.

Ensure the weight is no higher than 10% of their bodyweight (15% maximum). Kids tend to overload their bags if the space is available, so having a schoolbag on the smaller side will help them prioritise the material they carry around.

Rule #2

Take measurements, and measures.

Three tips here: One – use a bag with wide straps – ideally two to three fingers wide, depending on the body size. This will prevent the weight from concentrating on small spots in their neck and shoulder region. Ideally the straps should be padded.

Two – encourage your child to use both straps. We know it doesn’t look as cool as that ‘bag on one shoulder’ look but, carrying the bag on one shoulder only will make the muscles on that side work twice as hard, creating muscle exhaustion and an uneven posture for them.

Three – The bag should also be carried 5cm above the waist.

Rule #3

Pack efficiently.

Objects that weigh the most should be placed closest to your child’s body, which prevents the items from falling forwards, and therefore less strain on their back.

School is just one part of our growth development, but implementing healthy practises will set your child straight in every aspect of their adult lives. Make sure your child gets checked by a Chiropractor and is getting a head start in preventing musculoskeletal issues.

Contact CostaSpine for any questions, and learn more about the benefits of Chiropractic for your child´s growth and development on our Instagram page: costaspine_marbella.

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