Rebecca – Acupuncturist

With a 15-year background in the health and wellbeing industry Rebecca is able to offer an experienced holistic approach to health. This qualified acupuncturist gained her BA (Hons) degree in Five Element acupuncture at the college of traditional acupuncture. Working in a variety of clinic and wellbeing settings she has a wealth of knowledge.

She is also a fully qualified reflexologist, Reiki master and mindfulness teacher and has been practicing fitness, boxing and Yoga for many years driven by a simple love for the journey. Rebecca decided to study yoga and Personal training as a teacher, so she could share that joy with others, and the journey moved to a new phase.

An integrated approach to her clients’ health and wellbeing. With Rebecca you don’t just get an expert on fixing specific health problems, but instead a focus on the “whole you”. Mind, body and Spirit.


Acupuncture promotes the flow of energy around the body through the meridians. The gentle insertion of very fine sterilised, single use needles into points on the body can be very beneficial for many health conditions.  Acupuncture is a very old practice and in recent years the evidence of its effectiveness is growing.

A lot of people have tried acupuncture for a range of common conditions from back pain, migraines and headaches, osteoarthritis of the knee and assisting with fertility and pregnancy. As the treatment is designed to treat your whole body many other health benefits can be experienced.

The needles are very fine and in most cases, there is very little felt on insertion, the treatment itself is very gentle and most people feel very relaxed and comfortable during the session. 

The amount of sessions needed is dependant on the condition but in most cases an effect is usually felt between 4-6 treatments.

Should you have any further queries about the treatment you can contact Rebecca or you can read further factsheets on the acupuncture council website. www.acupuncture.org.uk.