Weekend warrior or full-time pro athlete? Feeling like you’ve been run over by a car or hit by a truck post workout? Post workout recovery plan sound new or foreign to you?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the soreness you feel in your body after performing an exercise that you’re not use to or haven’t done in a while. This type of soreness that typically begins to develop 12-24 hours after exercise but may result in the greatest level of discomfort and pain between 24-72 hours after exercise.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of your favourite painkiller, try some of the following recovery tips to have you feeling better.

1) Sleep

Sleep, numero uno when it comes to recovery! It is absolutely essential for those who exercise regularly. During your sleep Growth Hormone is produced which aids in tissue growth and repair. Sleep affects the whole body and its systems. Not only repairing physical but also mental and emotional health.

Try reduce using cell phones, TV’s or screen devices an hour before bed time this will help the body wind down and not be stressed.

2) Hydration (skip the booze)

Staying hydrated is something that is easy to do and makes all the difference in how your body recovers.  While exercising you will naturally lose fluids. Water supports metabolic function and nutrient transfer. It is key to remember to hydrate BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your workout. Always listen to your body.

If you’re bored of plain old H2O, try coconut water. It is a great alternative with electrolytes that will help your recovery process.

Those of us who enjoy a post-match beer or two might want to consider not having one too many. Alcohol being a diuretic will increase urination output. This is counterproductive as it further causes dehydration along with interfering with protein synthesis.

3) Post workout refuel

We need to remember that the body recovers from within. Choosing the best muscle recovery foods after your session can help rebuild your muscle protein and glycogen stores.

Although protein plays a big role in building and repairing muscle, carbs and protein together make for the best recovery combination. Your post workout recovery snack or meal should be consumed within 45 to 60 minutes after your workout so your muscles will absorb nutrients most efficiently.

Protein bars or a chocolate milk shake will supply the ideal card to protein ration needed for optimal recovery.

4) Foam roll

The Foam Roller. Everyone who has used one before knows the love-hate relationship that exists with it. The “knots” that build up in the fascia and muscles create much of the pain we feel. Beware, the rolling will cause some short termed pain but the benefits of rolling are worth it. Think of foam rolling as self-massage. Massage is probably one of the best tools you can use to rid DOMS. So, grab your foam roller, wipe those tears away and get rolling.

5) Compression

Research suggests that compression clothes may help to speed up recovery, particularly after intense exercise.  The pressure provided from compression products like socks or sleeves may help improve circulation, which in turn assists with removing metabolic waste from muscles. These improvements can promote the flow of oxygenated blood to areas in the body like tissues that need repairing and rebuilding.

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