CostaSpine and MSO combine forces

CostaSpine and MSO combine forces. We are delighted to welcome Marbella Sports and Orthopedics to the CostaSpine family, an esteemed addition that brings a wealth of expertise in sports medicine and orthopedic care. As part of their comprehensive services, Marbella Sports and Orthopedics specializes in infiltrations (injections) a minimally invasive procedure that offers targeted relief […]

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power-Here are 14 facts about the human spine that you may be aware of or that you may not be aware of, but I think it is crucial all of us need to know. As babies, we have 33 vertebrae but as adults we end up with 26. What happens to the remaining […]

Teaching your kids to hold a healthy posture

  Kids Healthy Posture Is very common to have parents in the clinic asking about their kids posture: is ”walking a little funny” or “sitting in a strange postures all day”… https://costaspine.com/paediatric-guadalmina/ Usually it is difficult to know what is expected at those ages and what needs to be checked or fixed. It is normally […]

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