The Team

Ricardo Marques (M.Tech:Ciro; ICSSD)

Ricardo Marques (M.Tech:Ciro; ICSSD)


Mr. Ricardo Marques was born and raised in South Africa. He is incredibly passionate about wanting to help people and has chosen Chiropractic as his way of doing so. He believes in the art of Chiropractic and the healing potential it possesses. Ricardo has a strong sporting background, while being in South Africa representing his provincial team in Hockey and Squash. He was actively involved with co-ordinating and heading up the medical team at College Rovers Rugby Club. He has extensive knowledge and experience in strength training, sporting injuries and various strapping techniques.

He completed his Masters degree in Chiropractic at Durban University of Technology, South Africa- by compiling his dissertation on spinal stability training (Relative effectiveness of three treatment protocols with and without brace aided pelvic stabilization in patients with chronic low back pain). Due to his knowledge and passion of the sport industry Ricardo studied further and attained his Sports Chiropractic (ICSSD) qualifications through F.I.C.S. Ricardo accompanied the South African U21 men’s hockey team to the World Cup in 2013, which was held in India. He aided the team with all their medical concerns due to the fact he has a good understanding of the sport along with his professional expertise.

In 2016, Ricardo moved to Marbella, Spain and has quickly built up his reputation and shared his knowledge and expertise to everyone he comes to contact with. He now heads up the medical team at Marbella Rugby Club.

David Carretero

David Carretero

Qualified Sports Massage Therapist

Having been involved in many sports while growing up, such as tennis, rugby, golf, martial arts and volleyball David Carretero became a massage therapist in 2013. This was to fulfil his constant curiosity about the human body and muscles which allow us to perform the multitude of our daily tasks and hobbies Massage therapy, being an ancestral technique, should be part of our everyday life, ensuring our body and soul is in unity.

This knowledge ensures David to understand the complexity of the body, of how it functions and the physical needs it requires to function at its maximum. His studies and expertise is not only limited to sports massage, but therapeutic and relaxing treatments.

David accompanies his massages with a wide array of stretching techniques and exercises for our daily life to maintain a healthy body. He is constantly trying to refine his skills and improve his techniques to ensure all his clients are fully satisfied and keep coming back. His love for sports, wellness and peace, is his passion for helping others and is defined through his life. David Carretero “There is no such wealth as health”.

Sini Kolehmainen

Sini Kolehmainen

Qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

Sini Kolehmainen graduated from The Sports Massage Institute of Finland, Helsinki, in 2008. 

From a young age Sini has been doing different kinds of sports, including running, skiing, cross-country skiing and football. She competed in running until the age of 19, winning 3 x junior Finnish championship in 3000 m running. 

At the age of 17, injuries started disturbing Sini′s running career. Lower back problems and shin splints were causing her a lot of pain, and therefore she became more interested in the human body; how it works, and what can be done to prevent injuries. 

At the age of 20, she decided to apply to study in the massage institute to learn more how the human body functions. She started her studies in Helsinki 2007, and graduated 2008. 

She worked in Helsinki as a massage therapist until the year 2010, before moving to Spain with her partner. 

As a caring, down to earth person Sini loves being able to help other people. She wants to make every massage experience unique for each client, by combining different techniques; deep tissue massage, Sports massage, relaxation massage and Indian head massage. Her goal is to make sure each client leaves the clinic feeling revitalized. 

Michael Robson

Michael Robson


Michael Robson is a passionate Chiropractor who has lived and grown up on the golden shores of Durban, South Africa. His Chiropractor master’s research was performed on the beneficial effects of chiropractic manipulation on sporting performance.

He has been involved in a multidisciplinary team of Biokineticists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers since 2016 as well as many sporting teams in private practice.

Through this Michael was able to combine his passion for health and wellness into holistic chiropractic care.

In his diversified practice he aims to treat the underlying cause of the injury or disease and not just the symptom of pain. It is achieved by the combination of various joint and muscle tests along with posture assessment to evaluate the body for the source of pain. Patients are then educated on their specific condition and the how to move forward in treating the diagnosed condition.

Many modalities are incorporated when treating the joints and muscles of the body. A combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation (strength and body weight exercises) to provide holistic healthcare are used. Each patient gets individualised treatment and assessment as no two people are the same. Whether sitting at the office from nine till five or an elite athlete, you will get individualised care.

Chiropractors are known to treat many spinal conditions such as migraines, headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, and disc injury. Chiropractors also treat extremity conditions such as tennis elbow, shoulder pain, knee pain and hip pain. Often the sources of this pain can be traced back to the spine itself.

Helen Jane Turrell

Helen Jane Turrell

Fitness Professional

Helen has over 12 years professional experience within the fitness industry and has participated in sports from an early age.

Originally from the North West of England, she has worked in central London for several years with the London Ambulance Service, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and as a transformation coach within her own company, Bodyhappy.

Helen was first recommended to Pilates by a physiotherapist after suffering with ongoing injuries from years of training as an athlete. She began to explore options to manage her physical symptoms through pilates, it was so transformative that she became an instructor so that she could inspire and help others with the positive effects of functional movement. Helen believes that pilates is the perfect exercise method to achieve the body’s maximum potential, whatever it’s limitations.

Helen is a qualified Achology Life Coach, practises meditation and has studied nutrition extensively. Her true passion is in helping others improve their lives through an active, healthy holistic lifestyle.

Her mission is to help you feel the best version of yourself every single day, making a more confident, stronger, happier, healthier you.

Helen is committed to maximising each client’s experience, focusing on technique, precision and quality of movement.

Whether you are looking to improve posture, recover from injury, improve body composition or improve movement patterns. Helen’s sessions will transform your body and mind.

Marina Perez

Marina Perez

Nutritional Coach

Marina is a health enthusiast with a special interest in nutrition.

After being diagnosed with hiatus hernia at 18 years old she realised food was playing a crucial role in her health. Since then she has become passionate about teaching others the importance of healthy eating. She believes a balanced diet is key for maximum physical performance and mental wellbeing.

Marina has helped numerous people to develop a mindset that small daily changes can result in long term health benefits such as;
– Weight loss
– Muscle gain
– Increased self-esteem
– Better sleep
– Illness prevention
– Better mood
– Improved gut health

In summary her mission is to empower each client to take charge of their health.

If this could be of interest you, contact us to get one of her ebooks with healthy recipes FOR FREE

Diana Narvaez

Diana Narvaez

Paediatric Chiropractor

Diana Narvaez is originally from Santander in Spain, grew up learning about Chiropractic from her father who has been practicing for 21 years. Becoming more passionate for the human body and its health, Diana became fascinated about the power of Chiropractic – a hands on approach that provides help to the body’s own ability to heal itself and function properly. Diana completed her Doctor of Chiropractic and graduated from the AECC University College in Bournemouth, England.

Diana has treated patients from all ages, however her speciality is Paediatric. Whilst training, she helped run a new-born feeding clinic along side mid-wives, allowing her to develop her knowledge on the effects of the musculoskeletal system whilst breastfeeding. Spending several months treating a wide variety of conditions which affected infants. Diana is focused on both helping various musculoskeletal conditions and working with the patient on prevention and education to help patient’s health and overall wellbeing.

Luke Hill

Luke Hill

Personal Trainer

Luke Hill is the Owner of Luke Hill Fitness.

Having been featured in Hello Magazine for his work with Women’s Body Transformations, his specialities lie in Fat Loss and Toning.

Luke is an avid weight lifter who firmly believes in Resistance as the key to success in changing bodies and is looking to compete this year.

Luke Hill prides himself on taking Personal Training a step further and specialize in Body Transformations and Rehabilitation whilst taking care of your wellbeing with a holistic approach.

Chantel Kershaw

Chantel Kershaw

Office Manager

Chantel’s background is in Print where she started many years ago as a receptionist, after returning to the UK having lived abroad for a many years.  After 4 years working at different printers she decided  to set up a Print Management Company ‘Print Alliance’ in 2001 where she worked with large corporations such as M & S, DHL and B & Q.  Nearly 20 years, 11 staff and plenty of grey hair later Chantel decided to move to pastures new. Viva España.

Having lived in several countries she has enjoyed learning the languages & culture of each of them.  Her passion for languages made the transition easy and Chantel and her daughter are now living the dream with a more active outdoor lifestyle.

Chantel has been a vegetarian for over 30 years, is an advocate for animal welfare.  Her main passion is Manchester United and she has travelled to over 10 different countries to see them play.