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Ricardo Marques (M.Tech:Ciro; ICSSD)

Ricardo Marques (M.Tech:Ciro; ICSSD)


Mr. Ricardo Marques was born and raised in South Africa. He is incredibly passionate about wanting to help people and has chosen Chiropractic as his way of doing so. He believes in the art of Chiropractic and the healing potential it possesses. Ricardo has a strong sporting background, while being in South Africa representing his provincial team in Hockey and Squash. He was actively involved with co-ordinating and heading up the medical team at College Rovers Rugby Club. He has extensive knowledge and experience in strength training, sporting injuries and various strapping techniques.

He completed his Masters degree in Chiropractic at Durban University of Technology, South Africa- by compiling his dissertation on spinal stability training (Relative effectiveness of three treatment protocols with and without brace aided pelvic stabilization in patients with chronic low back pain). Due to his knowledge and passion of the sport industry Ricardo studied further and attained his Sports Chiropractic (ICSSD) qualifications through F.I.C.S. Ricardo accompanied the South African U21 men’s hockey team to the World Cup in 2013, which was held in India. He aided the team with all their medical concerns due to the fact he has a good understanding of the sport along with his professional expertise.

In 2016, Ricardo moved to Marbella, Spain and has quickly built up his reputation and shared his knowledge and expertise to everyone he comes to contact with. He now heads up the medical team at Marbella Rugby Club.

David Carretero

David Carretero

Qualified Sports Massage Therapist

Having been involved in many sports while growing up, such as tennis, rugby, golf, martial arts and volleyball David Carretero became a massage therapist in 2013. This was to fulfil his constant curiosity about the human body and muscles which allow us to perform the multitude of our daily tasks and hobbies Massage therapy, being an ancestral technique, should be part of our everyday life, ensuring our body and soul is in unity.

This knowledge ensures David to understand the complexity of the body, of how it functions and the physical needs it requires to function at its maximum. His studies and expertise is not only limited to sports massage, but therapeutic and relaxing treatments.

David accompanies his massages with a wide array of stretching techniques and exercises for our daily life to maintain a healthy body. He is constantly trying to refine his skills and improve his techniques to ensure all his clients are fully satisfied and keep coming back. His love for sports, wellness and peace, is his passion for helping others and is defined through his life. David Carretero “There is no such wealth as health”.

Rebecca Richards

Rebecca Richards


With a 15-year background in the health and wellbeing industry Rebecca is able to offer an experienced holistic approach to health. This qualified acupuncturist gained her BA (Hons) degree in Five Element acupuncture at the college of traditional acupuncture. Working in a variety of clinic and wellbeing settings she has a wealth of knowledge.

She is also a fully qualified reflexologist, Reiki master and mindfulness teacher and has been practicing fitness, boxing and Yoga for many years driven by a simple love for the journey. Rebecca decided to study yoga and Personal training as a teacher, so she could share that joy with others, and the journey moved to a new phase.

An integrated approach to her clients’ health and wellbeing. With Rebecca you don’t just get an expert on fixing specific health problems, but instead a focus on the “whole you”. Mind, body and Spirit.

Luke Hill

Luke Hill

Personal Trainer

Luke Hill is the Owner and Head Personal Trainer at M Fit Marbella on the Golden Coast and of women’s only Boot Camp, Miss Fit Marbella.

Having been featured in Hello Magazine for his work with Women’s Body Transformations, his specialities lie in Fat Loss and Toning.

Luke is an avid weight lifter who firmly believes in Resistance as the key to success in changing bodies and is looking to compete this year.

M Fit Marbella is located on the prestigious Golden Mile and is a private 1-2-1 and Group Personal Training Studio.

M Fit prides themselves on taking Personal Training a step further and specialize in Body Transformations and Rehabilitation whilst taking care of your wellbeing with a holistic approach.

Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez


Monica is a Dietitian-Nutritionist by profession and vocation, specialized in the area of ​​Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. Her mission is to improve the lives of people through food reeducation and lifestyle changes, thus ensuring that food is synonymous with happiness, health and vitality. Your health depends solely on YOU … We all have the right to feel good in body and mind! The only thing necessary is that you be clear about your goal and willing to work for it. Monica will see to it that you follow the most efficient path.

  • Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Pablo de Olavide University.
  • International Master in Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. Isabel I University of Castilla.
  • Course in Sports Supplementation and Ergogenic Supports in Sports. Isabel I University of Castilla.
  • Anthopometrist Certificate Level 1 ISAK (Internatinal Society for the Advancement of Cineanthropometry).
  • Anthopometrist Certificate Level 1 SATA. Medical Association for Physical Education and Sports of Andalusia (AMEFDA).

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