What may look like 50 shades of grey to you is in fact an MRI of the lower back.

Here we will discuss the results from our clinic of a client who has been receiving treatment from one of our Chiropractors, Michael.


Lumbar MRI Scan: Purpose, Procedure, and Risks (healthline.com)

The left image shows a severely herniated disc of the L4 – L5 level, highlighted in red, taken 6 months ago. The MRI on the right shows a follow up scan taken this week. As you can see by the before and after images, the disc bulge has reduced.

They received a consult from a Traumatologist who suggested surgery as the only way that they would be able to solve their pain issues. The client decided to try a more conservative therapy to avoid the knife and the complications associated with spinal surgery. CostaSpine was entrusted by the client to  manage their pain and get them back to feeling themselves again After completing our pain management phase, the client began our VIP members area rehab, specially designed for low back injuries. The video guide is designed to provide a personal training atmosphere at home.

After 3 months they were able to resume more movements throughout the day and began running again.  Padel was soon resumed after good core control was achieved. After 6 months the client was back full time running and training now for a marathon next year!

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