Kinesiotapping, kine, tapping, neuromuscular bandaging? There are many names for these colored bandages, which do not go unnoticed when we see them on someone. They have been around for almost five decades and we still don’t have a clear idea about their usefulness. We often get asked about strapping here at CostaSpine and the benefits of it, however if it is not accompanied with good manual therapy, such as a deep massage, mobilizations, stretching and any necessary adjustment, the “kine” will not help us at all. That is why it is of vital importance that a professional is the one who applies these bandages.

After ensuring the skin is clean, stretching the kinesiotape in the direction and the necessary knowledge of what we are going to treat, these bandages will be able to promote lymphatic and circulatory circulation, which will have an effect on the motor, postural and efficiency of the muscles. The neuromuscular bandage imitates the skin: it contracts, stretches and the most fascinating thing of all is that it does not limit movement, acting on the body without us barely even noticing its presence. Their proprioceptive role is of great importance, since when they are worn, they remind us of the posture we should adopt, and help with the reduction of pain.

If you are looking for a miraculous method for the recovery of  your injuries…the ´kine´ is not for you. This is where it will be important to remember the work of your therapist, a trained person, who will be in charge of finding the right treatment for each case, and who will be able to make the most of these bandages if he/she considers it necessary.At CostaSpine we are a group of professionals prepared to offer the necessary therapy to each patient, and of course the benefits of kinesiotapping.

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