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Your Chiropractor in Marbella. At CostaSpine we take the necessary time with each patient and explore all aspects of their healthcare from past medical, family history, in-depth case history and an extensive physical examination to achieve the best possible results.

At CostaSpine we offer

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Spinal and extra-spinal adjustments, Dry needling, Soft tissue therapy, Strapping (Rigid, Elastic and Kinesio-strapping), Electric Modalities (Ultrasound, IFC and TENS).
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Online Personal Training, Pilates, Balanced Lifestyle Advisor, HIIT Personal Training and Fitness assessments.

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Sport Massage Therapies, Soft Tissue Therapy, Remedial Massage and Sports Injury Treatment.

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Reflexology is a relaxing holistic treatment that can be beneficial for many different conditions, restoring energy flow and helping to restore balance.

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The first years in life are fundamentally important, children undergo many rapid physical changeOn average, a new-born’s weight doubles in six months and triples in one year. 

Who are CostaSpine?

Chiropractor in Marbella

CostaSpine is a wellness clinic ensuring a happier, healthier lifestyle for everyone through our professional care. Our passion is about providing clinical expertise through fresh knowledge to all who seek to improve their health and wellbeing. ‘Your Health Excelled’ requires you to become familiar with living a balanced life to ensure physical harmony. This is provided by our professionals constantly educating all our followers so they become more knowledgeable with their body’s constant needs.

Our team is committed to taking your wellness to a higher level, not only by giving you products and services of superb quality but also by empowering you with the guidance and knowledge of implementing these principles every day in your own lifestyle. With the correct treatment and nourishment for your body we can assist you in transforming your challenges into your strengths one day at a time.

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