The Art of Chiropractic

Chiropractic emphasizes on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mechanical disorders of the neuromuscular-skeletal system. Chiropractic is the fundamental principle which all treatments are based however, we at CostaSpine have extensive expertise in sport related injuries, disorders and the treatment thereof.

At CostaSpine we take the necessary time with each patient and scrutinize all aspects of their healthcare from past medical, family history, in-depth case history and an extensive physical examination. The Chiropractor will perform a spinal or extra-spinal adjustment, this is a process where your practitioner adjusts a particular segment of your spine or alternatively a joint of your appendicular skeleton. In order to achieve/ restore maximal movement of that joint.

If pain is suspected to be derived systemically we have a good networking system amongst other healthcare professionals which we refer our patients to.

Our Chiropractor works closely with the Massage Therapist and the rehabilitative specialist, KG Fitness, that CostaSpine is associated with. Your well-being and physical progress is of our top priority and we ensure that you receive the best possible medical attention you require for your specific needs and/or conditions.

Treatments Offered

Spinal and extra-spinal adjustments

This is a process where your Chiropractor adjusts a particular segment of your spine or alternatively a joint of your appendicular skeleton. In order to achieve/ restore maximal movement of that joint.

Dry needling

Therapeutic procedure whereby the Chiropractor chooses the applicable sized needle to place in the effected, inflamed muscle. This method of dry needling is used to rupture small blood vessels in and around the muscle to stimulate blood flow, this combined with neurological effects to decrease muscle spasm. The increase in blood flow to the muscle optimizes regeneration.

Soft tissue therapy

A process that requires the doctor to apply deep pressure onto the effected, inflamed muscle. This is used to stimulate the area along with increasing blood flow allowing adequate oxygen and nutrients back to the inflamed muscle.

Strapping (Rigid, Elastic and Kinesio-strapping)

This is used by our Chiropractors to support and rehabilitate unstable joints and injured musculature. There are different techniques along with different strapping materials we use for the various diagnoses.

Electric Modalities (Ultrasound, IFC and TENS)

Our Chiropractors use these methods for muscular rehabilitation and treatment on muscular strains, which decreases swelling of ligament, tendon and muscular injury. This stimulates the numerous mechanoreceptors at effected site and has a positive feedback on pain control gate theory.

Spinal Stability Programmes (Core) and Rotator Cuff strengthening programmes

These programs consist of specialized exercises to ensure and promote hyper-tonicity of the musculature in the targeted areas.

Paediatric Chiropractic

The first years in life are fundamentally important, children undergo many rapid physical changes. On average, a new-born’s weight doubles in six months and triples in one year. During infancy, toddlerhood, and early childhood, the body continues to adapt and change at a tremendous speed. The spine is formed by many joints (the vertebrae’s), and multiple muscles attach to it. Joint restrictions and muscle tensions are very common and they can interfere with the normal function of the spine, which will affect the mechanics of the whole body causing abnormal movement patterns. A difficult birth, using the wrong baby devices, falls, overloaded backpacks, sitting down at school for hours and the posture they adapt when using their consoles and tablets.

What does the treatment entail?

Chiropractors are trained to identify joint dysfunctions and apply specific manoeuvres (adjustments) when and where needed.

The treatment varies with the age group and it involves a soft pressure used to make gentle alignments in your child’s spine. We also use mobilisations, stretches and releases that will allow bones, muscles and nerves to be in their best functioning state working together in harmony.

In the first consultation your kid will get a full musculoskeletal and nervous system assessment that will help us monitor their optimal development throughout their care.