You might be used to booking appointments for chiropractic care for yourself to relieve muscle and joint pain, but it might also be worth seeing a chiropractor for your newborn baby. 

There are many reasons why chiropractors can help if you are having difficulties with your child. 

For instance, if you had a difficult birth, it might have affected the baby’s spine, joints and nerves. 

Lots of children heal naturally after a few weeks, but some need some extra help realigning after labour. Without this, their physical development might be affected as they are not able to grow properly. 

It is also thought to ease symptoms of colic and reflux, as their gastrointestinal system might be affected by pressure from their vertebra. By adjusting it, this can relieve the pressure to enable the digestive, and nervous, systems to perform properly, so they can release gas better. 

Most parents suffer from sleepless nights, but some really struggle with their baby not sleeping at all. Chiropractors might be able to help with this, as the babies might be uncomfortable when they lie down if their spine is misaligned. 

By realigning and adjusting it, mums and dads may find their baby is able to sleep better, as well as be less irritable in the evenings due to their colic symptoms improving. Overall, both parents and children will get longer, and better quality, sleep as a result. 

Another reason to book a chiropractor to see your newborn is because it can improve their immune system. 

If the spine is misaligned, whether because of birth or due to having a restricted amount of space in the womb, their nervous system can become impacted. Consequently, they are unable to fight off illnesses as easily until their spine is adjusted and their nerves are no longer irritated. 

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