Back pain can be debilitating and it can take several physical therapy sessions https://costaspine.com/aloha/to resolve underlying problems in the area. 

One thing that helps alleviate strains and aches is low-impact exercise, so here are some activities you can do if you want to speed up your recovery. 

Low-impact exercise, such as walking, is extremely good for back pain, as it does not jar the spine, but it reduces stiffness and increases the amount of blood flow to the area.

It helps to improve mobility, stabilises weight to reduce pressure on the spine, and relieves feelings of depression, which can worsen with chronic pain. 

Walking is far easier on the body than running, and the great thing about it is it can be done anywhere and does not require any equipment. 

Being in the water is great for those with back injuries as it provides natural buoyancy, reducing pressure on the spine. 

As the water absorbs the impact, many people like being in the pool as it provides instant pain relief and makes them feel more mobile and agile than on land. 

However, it is important to avoid twisting exercises, as this could aggravate any injuries. 

Lifting weights, as long as they are not too heavy, can help alleviate back pain, as it strengthens muscles and joints. 

Doing this takes pressure off joints and spinal discs, as well as improves coordination and balance. 

Weight training can also help control weight, which can help with back pain, as being overweight or obese puts extra pressure on the spine. It can also boost confidence, lift mood, and improve sleep. 

Certain stretches are effective at improving recovery in the back, including press-up back extensions, which stretches the lower back; bird dog, which tightens the core and stabilises the lower back; and bridging, which is good for hips, knees, and glutes, as well as the back. 

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