CostaSpine and MSO combine forces. We are delighted to welcome Marbella Sports and Orthopedics to the CostaSpine family, an esteemed addition that brings a wealth of expertise in sports medicine and orthopedic care, along with other best practices, such as Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva reviews. As part of their comprehensive services, Marbella Sports and Orthopedics specializes in infiltrations (injections) a minimally invasive procedure that offers targeted relief for various musculoskeletal conditions and the results are instantaneous. Let’s learn together about the different infiltrations they do:


One of the infiltration options provided by Marbella Sports and Orthopedics is cortisone infiltration. This injection effectively reduces inflammation and provides pain relief, with the effects typically felt within a week. Many patients experience relief for weeks or even months, although it is advisable to limit cortisone injections to 3-4 times a year to mitigate potential cartilage damage.


Another valuable infiltration treatment offered is hyaluronic acid infiltration, known as viscosupplementation. Particularly beneficial for knee osteoarthritis and other joint diseases, this procedure aims to alleviate pain and improve joint lubrication. By promoting cartilage regeneration and reducing the production of pro inflammatory mediators, hyaluronic acid infiltration can offer relief for 6-8 months.


Marbella Sports and Orthopedics also provides PRP infiltration using Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF). This advanced autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma system stimulates tissue healing and regeneration, harnessing the patient’s own platelets. The effects of PRGF treatment can last for 8-16 months.


For individuals seeking long-lasting results, Marbella Sports and Orthopedics offers N-Stride Autologous Protein Solution (APS). This unique treatment utilizes proteins from the patient’s own body to improve knee health. By blocking inflammation-inducing proteins and supporting healthier cartilage cushioning, N-Stride can provide relief for an impressive duration of 24-48 months.


With the addition of Marbella Sports and Orthopedics, the CostaSpine family expands its capabilities in sports medicine and orthopedic care, ensuring patients receive exceptional treatment and access to cutting-edge infiltration therapies for their musculoskeletal conditions. Want to know more and stop your pain today, get in touch with us at or 622 851 648.


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